Sommer på Værnedamsvej

Summer on Værnedamsvej


Summer has hit Værnedamsvej, and although it doesn't always feel quite like summer weather, we've chosen to make a collection of DORA SUMMER FAVORITES, which we think you'll really like.

We love this Plant Box from Ferm Living, as you can suddenly create a windowsill where it would otherwise not be possible. It can liven up even the dullest corner with flowers, or be used to store beautiful books, trinkets and creative things.

Click here or on the picture to see our selection of Plant Boxes:

A small picture of some nice customers enjoying the afternoon sun on our bamboo sofa from the sun lounger.

Click here or on the picture to see the sofa:


Summer is also a time when we Danes really get out into the sun and enjoy the weather. We have brought home a lot of delicious enamel products, which are perfect for picnics, as they weigh nothing, so they are easy to transport and can withstand most things.

We have different colors, but we especially love mixing them...

Click here or on the pictures to see our range of enamelware:

Turquoise Enamel Breakfast Bowl

Blue Enamel Cake Dish

If there is something we Danes associate with summer, it is "Det Kolde Bord". We Danes LOVE herring, fish fillets, smoked mackerel etc. And what better way to arrange these than on one of these beautiful fish platters? :-)

Click here or on the pictures to see our selection of fish dishes:

Fish dish Red Fish

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