Collection: CANDLE LIGHT

Twisted lights

The twisted lights in many colors are back in the home magazines and in the homes of both influencers and private individuals. And we understand why. The twisted lights are both decorative and create an atmosphere when they are lit - if you feel like turning them on. Because a twisted candle is almost a small sculpture in itself. Some people also call them swirl candles. Or maybe you've heard a twisted candle referred to as a twisted candle? Candles with swirl, twist or twisting - it is one and the same product.

Colored lights

The colored candles have also become popular after many years when candles had to be white - or cream if things went wild. The modern interior design can be easily and quickly updated with candles in beautiful colours. In our store in Copenhagen and also here on our webshop you will find colored candles in, among other things purple, pink, blue, green, red in a multitude of shades.

Mix and match colored lights with twisted lights

You can of course also find the twisted lights in many colours. And you can easily mix and match your lights crosswise and create a beautiful play of colors. Place a selection of candles in many colors - perhaps a single twisted candle and the others not - in beautiful stands at different heights and arrange them a little randomly. It is both beautiful in the middle of a candlelit dinner table and as a decoration on a windowsill or on a chest of drawers or chatol.

Set the mood with candles

You don't want to light such a beautiful twisted candle, but allow yourself to do it every now and then anyway. Candles on a dinner table with good friends around or just you and the one you love do something special for the atmosphere. Incandescent light can't even match the most beautiful lamp.

Buy candles in our store in Copenhagen

Buy twisted candles and colored candles here on our webshop, or buy your candles in our store in Copenhagen. You will find us on Værnedamsvej: The coziest little street with cafes, restaurants and small shops - the street is particularly known for having a Parisian atmosphere. Perhaps because so many of our neighboring cafes and shops have a French touch. And somewhat strangely, one side of the street is in Copenhagen and the other is in Frederiksberg. Stop by when you're nearby.

On our webshop you will find twisted candles, swirl candles, twisted candles, stage candles, colored candles and candles.

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