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...there could be something special. Such a dish that works both in a still life: A dish that could stand out and be decorative in itself. And at the same time it should also be used to serve a salad in. Or crunch for Christmas.

I was missing such a dish, and since I couldn't find the right one, I had to design one myself. This is how DORA's whipped cream dish came to be.

The dish got its name because it looks like whipped cream decoratively sprinkled on the edge of a cake.

It's like no matter what you put in that dish, it's going to turn out delicious.

For me, it was important that the dish was hollow so that it was not too heavy. Otherwise, you will never put it on the dinner table with a salad in it.

The dish is beautiful when it is empty, and at the same time it also looks good with fruit in it. Or filled with glass balls for Christmas. With candles. Or used as storage for your larger jewellery.


I have always loved brass rods. The beautiful glow in the metal that reflects the candles... and I like to mix them crosswise with other candles. Therefore, the desire to design a stage yourself was not far away either. It has become a small series, based on the flower as a motif in a modern, stylized form, which can be nicely mixed with both new and old.

The stands are available for crown candles, candles and tealights, because I think it is precisely the mixture that makes it alive and personal. I love putting them together in small groups, but of course they are also nice on their own.

The candlesticks are made in two different metals, so you can mix and match with both golden brass and cool aluminium.

Also, see our large selection of candles that will go beautifully with the stands.