Collection: AIAYU

Aiayu is the story of a Danish brand that does not compromise. The most beautiful textiles are transformed into indispensable products both for the home and for the body with respect for nature and our planet and fellow human beings.


Maria Heilman started Aiayu based on a special Bolivian wool, the finest underwool from llamas, which insulates and warms to top quality. Aiayu's main production is still in La Paz, Bolivia, where a large group of local women knit blankets, cushions and many other delicious things.

Aiayu is about sustainability, proper and close relationships with producers and a respect for craftsmanship and nature.


Aiayu has strict requirements for the materials they use in production: The cotton is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standards) and the wool is RWS certified ( Responsible Wool Standard). In order to ensure proper and fair conditions for everyone involved in the production of the products, AIAYU only cooperates with partners who have a recognized international standard for social responsibility, e.g. SA 8000 or BSCI.

All of Aiayu's products are super deliciously designed, beautiful and sustainable, imbued with the integrity, intention and quality of the local craftsmanship behind them. We are huge fans!


Oh, yes, the bedding...! Ahhhhhh, is the first word that comes to mind. It's the tastiest, crispiest, softest thing out there. It comes in the most beautiful colors and for both single duvets, double duvets and single duvets with extra length. We love it! It becomes more and more beautiful with use, and all the colors can be mixed with each other. The colors may vary slightly from batch to batch, as Aiayu only uses AZO-free and EU REACH standard colors, i.e. approved colors that leave the least possible chemical footprint on the planet. We don't think the color variations (which are minimal) do anything, on the contrary they create a beautiful changer.