Kunstindustrien is a Danish company that has been producing lights since 1993 based on old craftsmanship. The candles we have from them are hand-cast or hand-dipped, and only the best, purest and most stable vegetable waxes (coconut palm oil) and paraffins available on the market are used.

RSPO certified candles

The candles are RSPO certified, which in short means that they are made from the best and purest vegetable stearins (coconut palm oil) and paraffins. Therefore, the candles burn very cleanly and stably - without oozing or smelling. In December 2016, Kunstindustrien had their lights tested for sooting at an approved laboratory. The result must lie between 0 and 1, with 0 being the best. Art industry lights score as low as 0.04 - depending on the variant - and are thus among the very best on the market.

Pure stearin?

Many believe the best and 'healthiest' candles are made from 100% pure candle wax. This is not necessarily true, as it is equally about the quality of the raw materials used and the good craftsmanship. Bad or impure raw materials produce candles that burn poorly or even ooze. KunstIndustrien sells both candles in 100% candle wax and candles made from other mixtures - the most important thing in this context is the quality of the raw materials and the good craftsmanship. The calendar candles are therefore a mixture of vegetable waxes and paraffins, in order to get the most beautiful light that burns most evenly and soots the least, whereas the hand-dipped candles are made of 100% wax, as it is best suited for that type of candle.

Good advice about candles

- Always cut the wick to just under 1 cm before lighting the candle. Your candle burns longer with a shorter wick, and you prevent it from starting to ooze.

- Feel free to turn off the light by dipping the wick into the liquid light mass. That way, you avoid us, and you get a candle that is easier to light the next time you need it.