Collection: KITCHEN

The kitchen is the heart of the home for most of us - it's where we spend the most time, it's where we cook of course (!), and it's also where we often have good conversations. WE mostly focus on delicious service, few but functional utensils and table settings. How we build a nice atmosphere and how we can make everyday kitchenware play even better.

The beautiful everyday life

There are many things that you and I and we all use all the time and every day, and they just have to work in a kitchen, and, you know, how exciting a cutting board, a serving spoon, an enamel mug, a salad bowl, a place mat can be etc really be? But then, they MUST be nice, the little things, the details... And I can actually be a little happy when I suddenly become aware of our nice green cutting board, or the delicious tea towel that is soft, fine and dries perfectly or the trays from Cambro in beautiful colors... Or our classic jug in plastic, which weighs nothing, so that everyone – even the little ones – can pour themselves. It all just gets a little nicer. Weekday.

Quality in the kitchen

Above are the products that we think belong best here. We have great kitchen items from Alessi: electric cooker, toaster, pepper grinder, serving spoon and fork, among other things. The iconic espresso pot for both electric hobs, gas and induction. And then there are the delicious, cool cups designed by Jasper Morrison for Alessi. They are beautiful in themselves and look great together with stained glass or vintage ditto. All in all, we focus on good design of high quality. Things that can withstand being used, and things that add something ADD to the kitchen and on the table - also aesthetically.

Good design

In addition to Alessi, we have lots of other popular brands: We have glasses and plates in tempered glass from Duralex, colored glasses and plates from Bitossi, tea towels in linen from French Charvet Editions, hard-wearing trays in fiberglass from Cambro, beautiful and durable washing-up brushes from De Blindes Work, dish soap from Meraki and beautiful and hardy enamel cups, enamel trays, enamel jugs etc from Crow Canyon. To name just a few! All things that we can vouch for in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Long life

In other words, our kitchen items are a category where there are many delicious things - we have chosen to concentrate on functional design, which we believe has a long life in most homes, and which you can combine with our beautiful selection - or your own! - of vintage goods.