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See the selection of cushions in linen, silk, cotton and knitwear here at We have handpicked the most beautiful cushions and cushion covers for your home.

Pillows in linen, silk, cotton and knitwear

At you can shop for pillows in many different materials. With us you will find pillows from brands such as French Ligne Particulier, Danish Aiayu, Nathalie Lété and OEUF. All specially handpicked with colours, quality and housing trends in mind. Just as you will also find pillowcases in many sizes. Among other things: 30x40, 50x50 and 50x70. Several of the pillows on our webshop are either sustainably produced or organic.

Linen cushions for the sofa or wicker furniture on the terrace

They suit the living room as well as the terrace. A few large cushions for the sofa make it extra cozy to snuggle up in. This applies whether the cushions are made of linen, silk, knitwear or cotton. New cushions are an easy way to give an otherwise boring sofa an update. If you want to bring the coziness out onto the terrace, it is obvious to choose a pillow or two in linen. Flax feels cool against summer's hot and humid skin, and is therefore the ideal material for exactly the garden furniture or the chair on the balcony, when you want to sit nice and soft.

Decorative pillows and pillows for the bed in linen

Large linen pillows on the bed - either for decoration or to rest your cheek on when you go to sleep, add a beautiful and personal touch to your bedroom. You can create a next hotel-like atmosphere with a few decorative linen pillows arranged casually either on top of the bedspread or together with the pillows you usually sleep with.

Store your linen pillowcases with a small bag of lavender or a lovely scented soap to give them a touch of French skies. Or let them air dry on a line outside to give them the feel of crisp freshly laundered bedding.

Using a few large linen pillows as decorative pillows on the bed is an easy and quick way to give your bedroom a new look. You can mix and match different colors such as blue and gray in different shades for a cool and Scandinavian look. Burnt colors like yellow, camel and terracotta for more warmth. Or choose a linen cushion with flowers for a cottage feel. You can buy several pillowcases in different colors to change the expression of the bedroom with the change of seasons. New decorative pillows for the bed are a wonderful way to update your interior design.

Why choose linen cushions?

Flax has many advantages. It feels cool and light against the skin, it's durable, and it curls so beautifully. The material can add a simple, light but also luxurious look to a home. It gives a lightness to the bedroom and creates coziness in the wicker furniture.

Flax has fantastic absorbency. The fabric can absorb 20% of its own weight in liquid before it feels damp against your skin. And that is precisely why it is so comfortable to sleep with your head on a linen pillow in the summer heat.

You don't need to iron your linen cushions - in fact, that would be a waste of time, as they will quickly absorb folds and wrinkles again. And that is precisely what makes them so beautiful.

What is flax?

Flax is a popular textile both for cushions, other places in interior design and for clothing. The fabric is produced from fibers from the stem of the flax plant and goes through a long process after harvest to create the beautiful, matte and cooling textile we know. Therefore, flax is often more expensive than, for example, cotton.

Flax is a natural material, and with its coarse, matte and at the same time light appearance, it has gained traction in interior design in recent years.

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