Vintage Christmas decorations

Classic Christmas decorations, retro Christmas tree decorations and old-style Christmas decorations. Here in our online universe at DORA finder you will find the most beautiful vintage Christmas decorations. Both old Christmas decorations that have decorated Christmas trees for Christmas Eve in homes all over the world, and new Christmas decorations in vintage style. It is all hand-picked by us so that it can find its way into new Christmas-decorated living rooms, enjoy doing things again and become part of new family traditions.

Vintage Christmas decorations: Beautiful old glass balls for your Christmas tree

At we have collected an assortment of glass Christmas ornaments. We have found the most beautiful old glass balls for your Christmas tree, just as we also have new glass balls for the Christmas tree in old style and vintage style. We have found our retro and vintage Christmas decorations at well-hidden flea markets and in secret little vintage shops around Europe.

Retro Christmas tree decorations

Old fashioned Christmas decorations never go out of style. Whether you call it vintage or retro Christmas tree decorations seems to come out on one. Be that as it may, we make a virtue of giving new life to old Christmas items. Whether it is in retro style, vintage style or whether it is the classic old-fashioned Christmas decoration. You can mix and match it in a wonderful jumble or you can be true to one style and time period when decorating for Christmas.

Retro Christmas decorations with glitter

At DORA we love glitter - especially Christmas decorations with glitter. That is why you will also find plenty of Christmas decorations in retro style and, for that matter, modern Christmas decorations with glitter here with us. The Christmas tree star in tin foil, glitter Christmas balls, tin foil garlands and small sparkling Christmas trees. If it sparkles and smells like Christmas, we've got it!

Vintage Christmas calendars

Are you looking for a vintage Christmas calendar or a retro Christmas calendar? In our webshop you will find a selection of calendars in vintage style. Several of our Christmas calendars are vintage, and are only waiting for little children's fingers to open the doors one day at a time in the month of December, so that the beautiful pictures behind can bring Christmas light to little eyes.

Vintage crib game

A classic crib game must be there. One of the kind with Mary, Joseph, the donkey, the three wise men and of course a little baby Jesus. As if created for the mantelpiece, if you have one, or for the small Christmas display on the windowsill or on a chest of drawers. See the selection of vintage crib games on this page.

On our webshop you will find vintage Christmas decorations, retro Christmas tree decorations, old-style Christmas decorations, classic Christmas decorations, old glass balls for the Christmas tree, old-fashioned Christmas decorations, old Christmas items and vintage-style Christmas decorations.

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