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Christmas decorations • Giant mistletoe

Christmas decorations • Giant mistletoe

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The most beautiful mistletoe in irregular iron leaves painted golden and with small pearls. It can be bent and styled very easily. You can also use it as a bouquet on the table - you can have it for many years to come. It can be folded up after Christmas and picked up again next year.

Size: It is approx. 51cm long and can also be approx. 50cm in width.

Color and material: Brass wire and small white beads

Cleaning: Take it outside and shake it well.

Other: We have some fun facts about the tradition around the mistletoe from

The kissing tradition under the mistletoe probably originated in the Middle Ages and remained very popular in Victorian England in the 19th century. The highly controlled and sipped society could in this way have an occasion to kiss when it was now in full public view.

And then back to why we kiss under the mistletoe. It is assumed that when it was now hanging in the doorway to ward off evil spirits, it was quite natural to kiss good morning under the mistletoe in the doorway. The custom has gradually moved in due to the belief in mistletoe's beneficial effect on fertility.

In the beginning, in Denmark, you were only allowed to kiss on Christmas Eve - and if the girl was not kissed, she should not expect to be married in the first year. But we say have fun kissing under the mistletoe throughout December.

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