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Oji & Design

Rod • Handmade Brass • 19 cm

Rod • Handmade Brass • 19 cm

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Incredibly beautiful and simple brass rod for hanging tea towels, which can be hung up or hung on a hook. It is very elegant and will be a daily joy wherever it is used. We have also had customers who have bought it to use as a grip.

It is designed by Oji Masanori and handcrafted in Japan by Oji & Design. They have a long tradition of casting in brass and have a great range of simple, plain products.

Designer: Oji Masanori

Colour: Brass

Material: Handmade brass

Size: They measure 3.7cm in depth and 3.8cm in height, while the diameter of the rod is 0.8cm. This rod is 19cm in length.

Extra: Tiny brass screws are included.

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