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Rod • Brass • 80cm

Rod • Brass • 80cm

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A brass rod on the wall for storing and hanging pots, towels or coats. It can be used in both the kitchen and the entrance hall. The possibilities are many and it will always be able to be used somewhere in your home. Here in the shop, we have it for tea towels and towels in our tea kitchen. At home, I have used it in the entrance hall for children's jackets. If it is to be used for heavy pots, it is a good idea to buy an intermediate piece so that it does not start to crack hang from that much weight.

The rod comes with two end pieces. Closed hooks that fit the rod can be purchased here

The towel holder is produced in Italy, where they have a long tradition of producing hooks, handles etc. It is a very well-executed craft, and it is clearly seen in that the quality is really good.

Colour: Brass

Material: Brass

Size: The tube itself is 2.5cm in diameter and the length is 80cm. The end pieces are 7cm deep and the distance between the pole and the wall will be 4.5cm. The plate that is screwed into the wall has a diameter of 4.8 cm.

Extras: Included does not screws

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