We have lots of colored lights for every occasion. They are beautiful to mix with the candles you otherwise have. Mix and match to make it your own. We have the beautiful, tall, hand-dipped candles from the Danish art industry in 100% pure, through-dyed candle wax. The art industry values ​​quality above all else, which you can tell from the lights there burns very cleanly and stably - without oozing or smelling. The art industry has hand dipped their lights in Denmark since 1971.


In addition, we have the smart, twisted lights from Italy - both with and without varnish. They - literally - light up any table. Swirl, twisted, twisted - dear child has many names, and no matter what, they are super decorative! And nice to mix with ordinary lights. The twisted candles are made of paraffin and come in many nice colours.


- Always cut the wick to just under 1 cm before lighting the candle. Your candle burns longer with a shorter wick, and you prevent it from starting to ooze.

- Feel free to turn off the light by dipping the wick into the liquid light mass. That way, you avoid us, and you get a candle that is easier to light the next time you need it.