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Crow Canyon

Salad bowl • Enamel • Splatter blue

Salad bowl • Enamel • Splatter blue

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The enamel salad bowl is one of our favorite products from American Crow Canyon. It's the perfect size for salad or pasta or a proper pop of popcorn. The beautiful splatter pattern in clear blue and white is super nice for everything. Also for just having standing on the table with lemons in it.

Crow Canyon enamel is made from two layers of porcelain, which are then laid as a surface on steel, resulting in a shiny and durable material. The enamel bowl will not break if you are unlucky enough to drop it, but the enamel can get small chips that you just have to learn to love. The steel will oxidize, but the salad bowl will still be safe to use for food.

Colour: Splatter blue - white base with splashes of clear blue

Dimensions: The enamel bowl has a diameter of 27 cm and is 14 cm high

Cleaning: The salad bowl is dishwasher safe, but it may lose some of its shine, so we recommend that you take it by hand

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