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Blindes Arbejde

Dish brush • Pots • White / black

Dish brush • Pots • White / black

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This classic washing-up brush is made of waxed beech wood with horsehair – here in a fine version that is black in the middle and light at the edges. With its round head, this brush is, among other things, also suitable for pots.

The washing-up brush is made of certified sustainable beech wood with vet-checked horsehair.

Fave: Nature, wood, black, white

Material: Beech wood, horsehair

Measurements: Length: 24.5 cm, width (head): approx. 4 cm

Maintenance: Blindes Arbejde recommends: " To prevent the wood from drying out and splitting and/or the thin steel wire that holds the bristles from breaking, we advise against putting the brushes in the dishwasher. If the bristles have become flat and/or tangled, you can straighten them by combing them with a fork or similar, and then possibly gather them with an elastic band and leave it for a while. Greasy bristles can be rinsed with boiling water - possibly soaked in some soapy water."

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