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Crow Canyon

Square Dish • Enamel • Splatter Blue

Square Dish • Enamel • Splatter Blue

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An enamel dish that is made to bake brownies in and therefore has high sides. If you don't want to use it for cake, you could serve vegetables in it or use it to serve buns in. The high sides and the fact that the enamel can be put in the oven make the dish brilliant for cake, lasagna and the like.

Crow Canyon is from California and has been producing enamel since 1979. The enamel is made of two layers of porcelain that are laid as a surface on steel, resulting in a glossy and durable material. The enamel is not destroyed if, for example, should lose the dish, but there may be small rejections that you just have to learn to love. The steel will oxidize in case of any rejections, but the enamel and the dish will remain safe to use for food.

Colour: Splash Blue - creamy white base with splashes of bright blue

Material: Enamel

Size: The cake plate measures W23 x D23 x H4 cm

Washing instructions: Do not use harsh washing-up liquid, including dishwasher detergent, if you want to preserve the shine. We therefore recommend washing it by hand.

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