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Iris Hantverk

Bath brush • 17 cm • Oak & Horsehair

Bath brush • 17 cm • Oak & Horsehair

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This bath brush is made of waxed oak with horsehair – here in a nice version with a hole for hanging. It can be used both to soap oneself in the bath, or to dry brush oneself before the bath.

Bath brush is made of certified sustainable oak wood with vet checked horse hair.

Fave: Nature, wood

Material: Oak, horsehair

Goal: The brush is 17 cm long

Maintenance: Blindes Arbejde recommends: " To prevent the wood from drying out and splitting and/or the thin steel wire that holds the bristles from breaking, we advise against putting the brushes in the dishwasher. If the bristles have become flat and/or tangled, you can straighten them by combing them with a fork or similar, and then possibly gather them with an elastic band and leave it for a while. Greasy bristles can be rinsed with boiling water - possibly soaked in some soapy water."

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