Collection: BATHROOM

The bathroom is a favorite room. Whether you have spa-like conditions, or it's just a 'closet', it's a private space where it has to be REALLY nice to be in. A few new hooks or a beautiful soap or a new mirror can change the character of the bathroom and give it a good and personal atmosphere.

We have a small but delicious selection of functional things and cases that you can use in your bathroom. There are beautiful handles and hooks in either brass, chrome or porcelain, so there can be room for towels, bathrobes, clothes, laundry bags, etc. We have the fun Soap Rock soaps that remind you of Aladdin's Cave and wonderful products from Meraki . The stools from Small Revolution are also brilliant if you have space. And we have toilet buckets and toilet brushes from Japanese Puebco.


Our vintage mirrors in glass or crystal are beautiful to use, whether you have a modern or an old-fashioned bathroom. They give the room personality and warmth, just as it is also charming to use vintage glasses or jars for toothbrushes, cotton pads and the like.


Aiayu's fine rag rugs, made from leftover fabric from their bedding production, are both functional and beautiful, and quite smart for the bathroom. They can be washed in the machine again and again and provide lovely warmth.

We have many fine porcelain items for the bathroom in addition to the porcelain hooks. There is a beautiful holder for toilet paper and a holder for the toilet brush. Both cool and retro.


In the bathroom, the light must be both functional and provide a pleasant atmosphere. I like our porcelain sockets with an opal LED bulb in them. One on each side of the mirror works really well. The light is pleasant and at the same time provides enough light for brushing teeth, make-up and shaving... Our 'Tube' lamp is also a good bet. Designed like an old-fashioned fluorescent tube but with a really pleasant light - LED, of course. All our porcelain sockets for mounting on the wall and the 'Tube' lamp are IP20 approved, i.e. they may be used in the bathroom min. 60 cm from the water/source.


The ubiquitous Aykasa boxes are also obvious to use in the bathroom for storage. Mix in your favorite colors or stick to one of the nice colors. The plastic boxes can cleverly be folded back together when not in use.