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Inspiration: 13 ideas for furnishing your living room

Decorating the living room is one of the most fun things when it comes to interior design. The inspiration can come from so many places, the shop shelves are full of cool things for the living room, but that may also be what can make it a challenge: It is difficult to choose. And then the living room must be able to do a lot of different things:

Requirements for furnishing the living room

The living room must be cosy, and this is both where you should be able to come home and throw yourself into the armchair with a good book, where you should be able to take a midday nap on the sofa, and also where you should entertain guests. The living room must be a living room for everyone in the family - both for everyday life and for parties. If there are children, there must be room to play, this is also where homework must be read and you adults may also have your hobby projects that take up space.

The living room quickly gets messy, it all has to be easy to pack away again, so it's nice to be there. It requires storage. Lighting is also one of the things you need to take into account. How many lamps should there be in the living room? There must be cozy lighting, one or more lamps to read by and lamps that can light up the entire room.

How should I decorate my living room?

In general, you should think about creating air, good lighting and comfort when you are looking for inspiration for decorating your living room. But the living room is also a place where you can frolic, be creative and try out new ideas when it comes to interior design. You can easily update the look with new colours, create coziness by adding new textiles in the form of cushions and rugs. And you can make your interior unique with personal items and flea finds.

Before you start decorating the living room, you have to decide with yourself what should be the focus. Should the TV be the focal point? Or should the sofa be facing the garden door to give nature outside a place? Should the living room be a space for deep conversations with guests, you can e.g. choose to have two sofas facing each other. Once you know which functions your living room should primarily have, it will be easier to decorate the rest of the room.

We have plenty of ideas for furnishing your living room. Let us share some of them with you here.

linen pillows linen pillowssilk pillow pink pillow in silkfunny pillow that represents mouth decor living room

1. Change the expression in the interior design with pillows

An easy, quick and often cheap way to update the look of the living room is by changing the covers on your cushions. You can give your living room a cosy, warm and soft look in winter with cushions in cool textiles such as silk and velor and burnt colours. In the summer, you can make the living room decor lighter with bright linen cushions. You can turn the decor towards a more Nordic style with cool colours. Or you can add humor and try out new trends with new and different pillows.

inspiration for decorating the living room

2. Stand out with a statement piece of furniture

Be brave and choose one or more statement pieces: furniture that stands out and demands attention. It can be a lamp like in the picture above. A sofa or chair that really makes a statement and shouts loudly in your interior design is also an option if you want to decorate uniquely.

oval mirror is a cool inspiration for the living room

3. Create space in the small living room with mirrors

Mirrors create an optical illusion by providing visual space and air in the room. If you are looking for inspiration for decorating a small living room, mirrors are a good tool. Use one or more, hang them up or leave a mirror on the floor as decoration in the living room.

4. Pull the furniture out from the wall.

This is another good tip if you want air in your interior. When placing your sofa, leave at least 15 cm to the nearest corner and leave it 15 cm or more away from the wall. You can also place it on the floor in the middle of the living room. It not only does something good for the design of the room - it also provides ventilation around the furniture, and it is good for the indoor climate.

green sofa and carpet

5. Create coziness with a blanket

Remember a soft and warm plaid on the sofa. It is both practical and lovely when you need to take a nap or feel a bit cold, and then it gives coziness and atmosphere in the living room and can soften an otherwise tight expression.

interior design living roomrainbow pillowfurnishing of the living room

6. Invite nature into your interior design

There are many advantages to decorating with plants. They give life to your decor and they help clean the air and create a better indoor climate. You can have green houseplants, but you can also have beautiful cut flowers in vases.

7. Remember storage in the living room

When we talk about ideas for furnishing your living room, you must remember to take storage into account. It is easy to make a mess in the living room: Toys, books, newspapers, bags, computer, hobby projects. It all needs to have a place so you can easily pack it away. You can choose to dedicate an entire wall to a bookcase, where you can both have books, other reading material, and possibly baskets and boxes for all the things that get messy. Then it's under control.

small revolution blue stool

8. Decorate the living room with multifunctional furniture

A stool that can also be used as a side or flower table. Or a pouf that can also be a chair. Find furniture with multiple functions. Especially if you have to furnish a small living room, it is smart to be able to use your furniture for more than one thing.

enamel bowl salad bowl inspiration for decorating the living room

9. Candles provide coziness

Put candlesticks on the windowsill, on a chest of drawers or a coffee table. Mix and match different stages for a personal expression. You can easily mix new with old.

decoration living room decor

10. Decoration with pictures

A sure way to a personal interior design is pictures. Mix lithographs, paintings, posters, photographs and children's drawings. Make a cafe wall with lots of pictures, and change if necessary. out in them continuously for renewal. You can also break the rules a little and leave a large picture on the floor leaning against the wall. Or put a few changing frames with prized art on the windowsill.

vintage vase

11. Use vintage and flea finds in the interior design

Don't let your living room look like someone else's. Shop beautiful flea finds and vintage ceramics and vases. Here at DORA we have a large selection of vintage , which we have found in secret markets around Europe.

12. Remember the small table

You know the classic coffee table: it is typically placed in front of the sofa with space for candy bowls, coffee cups and reading material. Alternatively, you can decorate with a side table next to the sofa: it is practical to place the coffee, the drink glass or the bowl of peanuts within reach.

living room decoration

13. Decorate with artificial flowers

Are you unable to buy fresh flowers, even if you really wanted to? It has become completely legal to use artificial flowers in interior design. They stay fresh even when you forget to change the water by them.

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