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7 tips: Inspiration for furnishing the home office

The entry of Corona also meant the entry of the home workplace into our lives. And although covid-19 will not keep us at home forever, the home office is here to stay. Therefore, you should also consider a good workspace in your interior design.

How to furnish a home office?

Whether you have a small space in a corner or an entire room for your home office, you should consider what interior design your home workplace should have. It must be both practical, comfortable and allow you to focus on work. Think smartly and functionally about the interior of the home office.

We have found a handful of ideas for your home office. Find inspiration for the decor here.

1. Find the good seat

Forget the kitchen table. You don't sit well here, and it's impossible to abstract from the mess and dishes. To be able to concentrate on your work, you need to find a space that is dedicated to just this. Then you are also free to pack away the computer and papers when it is mealtime. And it becomes easier to take time off when your work isn't standing next to dinner calling you.

If you don't have a room that you can use as an office, find a corner of the living room where you can e.g. can have a small wall-mounted desk. It can be tempting to move the home office into the bedroom - on the other hand, this is a bad idea: Your bedroom should first and foremost be a place where you sleep.

Also think about the light: it requires good working light to carry out today's don't. You can of course manage this with a good work lamp, but if you can find a spot with daylight, it will be good.

2. Think about good storage

Accessories in the home workplace are essential. There must of course be space for papers, notepads, writing instruments and a holder for pens and pencils. Here you also have the opportunity to give the home office a personal touch and a sprinkle of humor and colour: Add small details that both have a practical function and that make you want to spend time at your desk. Think small boxes and boxes into the interior design. It could, for example, be our popular folding boxes from Aykasa .

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3. Create energy with colors

Add colors to keep your motivation and energy high throughout the working day. You can paint the wall behind your desk in an encouraging color - possibly you can simply paint a single, delimited field that marks the space for your home office to separate it from the rest of the living room. If you're used to sitting in an anonymous gray and white office landscape, then you can really make your home workspace your own by choosing a color you love.

If it is not an option to find the large paintbrush, you can also let colors be included on binders, notebooks and storage boxes.

4. Also remember the fun

It must be nice to go to work. Create coziness with e.g. a lit candle on your desk. Or make the home office cozy with a vase of flowers. If you can't buy fresh flowers every week, you can follow the trend of the times and put an artificial bouquet of this kind in a beautiful vase. In our webshop you will find several beautiful artificial flowers in a multitude of colors and varieties. They are quite lifelike to look at, and do not go out if you forget to change the water by them.

5. Don't forget the ergonomics

You must spend many hours at your home workplace, and therefore you must sit well. If you don't have the desire or space to move a large folding table and a monstrosity of an ergonomic office chair into your living room, there are other ways around it.

Ensure e.g. so that your desk is the correct height. Choose a chair that can be raised and lowered. And buy a stand for your laptop or prop it up on some thick books so that the screen is at an ergonomically correct height in relation to your eyes, so you don't get back and neck pain. You can possibly buy an external keyboard so that you can place your laptop up high while still being able to type on the keys.

6. Provide good lighting

When you start decorating a home office, you also have to think about lighting. The most effective work is done in good light. It is optimal if you can place your home workplace by a window with daylight, but light from an electric light source is also necessary. A good work lamp is the alpha and omega.

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7. Decorate the walls

If you have a small home office in the corner of the living room or a room that is not dedicated to anything else, remember to also leave a mark on the walls. Hang up beautiful pictures, postcards or children's drawings. It can also be a notice board, where there is space for art, the day's two to-do lists and a calendar. It all helps to create a kind of space that you can step into when you mentally pull on your work clothes - even if you're just sitting at home in your own living room.

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