Hjemme hos Sara: Køkkenet

At Sara's home: The kitchen

Sara lives in a villa in Frederiksberg with her husband Anders and their 2 little barn owls Roberta and Bjørn.

Sara's great passion for interior design permeates the old villa, and the house is full of crazy vintage finds and alternative solutions.

When they bought the house, they quickly realized that the kitchen was the heart of the home. Despite the fact that they fell in love with the old kitchen the house contained, they soon had to realize that a kitchen/family room with a focus on being able to have guests while being cooked was a must. The old kitchen was therefore demolished, and the dining room was included in the kitchen area.

Since the house's occupants consist of two adults and two young children, it was very important that the kitchen functioned on a daily basis. They therefore decided to paint all cupboard doors dark green so that fat fingers of all sizes could be easily hidden. Besides that, a painted kitchen is incredibly easy to maintain. If it gets any scratches, bumps or the like, you can simply swing the paint brush, and the kitchen will also look like new.

Coziness and togetherness are key words in Sara's interior design philosophy. The kitchen should not feel clinical and industrial, but on the contrary warm, spacious and practical.

The couple therefore chose to make a slightly unconventional kitchen island, which is integrated into a table, instead of kitchen elements. In this way, a kitchen island was created, which becomes the center of conversations instead of just a work area.

Read a lot more about Sara's lovely kitchen/dining room in this month's (August 2017) Magazine RUM. There you can also see all these delicious pictures in print.

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