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Guide: 9 ideas for decorating the bedroom

In the bedroom, it is important that there is peace. This is where you should have your night's sleep, maybe also a midday nap, and where you should recover. For some, the bedroom goes away and becomes an unimportant room where clutter can be removed: after all, you just need to use it to store yourself while you sleep. So why not just leave it as storage for suitcases, drying racks and other habengut.

We couldn't disagree more.

Furnishing the bedroom has received more focus in interior design in recent years. And we understand it well: Can it do anything but give energy and joy to go to rest and wake up in the most beautiful room in the house? You spend a good third of your life in your bedroom. Of course, this - perhaps the most important room - deserves extra thought and decoration.

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1. Create calm in the bedroom

In the bedroom you must be able to recover. The atmosphere must be stress-relieving, cozy and, most importantly, calm: make sure that there is no clutter, that everything has a place, that there are calm surfaces and that the colors are balanced and muted. When considering what decor to have in your bedroom, tranquility should be your first priority.

2. Choose a good bed

Your bed is important for a good night's sleep. At the same time, it is the largest piece of furniture in the room. Choose a good mattress - get advice from a professional to find the right hardness. Next comes the appearance itself: How should the bed look? You can choose a very simple bed without a frame, or you can choose a piece of furniture with more personality. You can also add a head rail that is not fixed. This makes it easy to replace if you want a modern look in e.g. rattan, but fear that you will tire of it again when and if it goes out of style. That way, you are free to buy a brand new bed when you feel like giving the bedroom an update.

2. Practical bedside table

Remember to add a bedside table next to your bed. The bedside lamp can be placed here. Here you can leave your phone for the night. And here you can have reading material in the form of a stack of books lying around. The bedside table can be classic, but you can also think outside the box and use a stool or a bookcase for the purpose.

4. Let trinkets be part of the decor in your bedroom

Your bedroom should never be messy. And you shouldn't overfill it with decorations and trinkets. But there must be some personality. Find e.g. a beautiful bowl as storage for your jewellery. Remember that it must be a balancing act. Everything in moderation.

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5. Create a cozy bedroom with soft textiles

You can get a cozy bedroom by remembering to add soft and delicious textiles to the decor. It can be like a beautiful bedspread. Extra pillows that can decorate decoratively on top of the bedspread during the day and act as extra support for the back when you read before bed. A carpet on the floor also adds something cozy to the atmosphere.

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6. Remember the nice bedding

Nothing is as wonderful as crawling under a crisp and cool duvet in the summer heat. Or snuggling up in the softest bedding when it's cold outside. Make going to bed a luxury and pamper yourself with quality bedding. It is a good idea to think of the bedding as part of the decor in your bedroom: What colors should it be? And which fabric quality suits your interior design?

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7. Think about storage when decorating

Functionality is one of the key words when you decorate. Especially in the room where you sleep, everything should have its own place. Clothes for tomorrow on a chair, dirty clothes on the floor, a half-packed bag and maybe even the box of Christmas decorations that have nowhere else to go: it all needs to be out of sight if you want to create a stress-relieving atmosphere. Make sure you get a good wardrobe solution and maybe also an extra chest of drawers if necessary.

8. Provide a place to sit

Having somewhere to sit while putting on socks or tying shoelaces is handy. And then it creates a feeling of homeliness and coziness when you have other furniture than just your bed in the bedroom. Find a beautiful chair for the purpose. Or maybe even a bench or couch you can place at the end of the bed. It creates a kind of boudoir atmosphere.

9. The light is important

In the bedroom, it is important that there is a good overhead light that can light up the room when you go to the wardrobe for tomorrow's clothes, vacuum or look for lost socks under the bed. But at least as important is that there is a nice, dim light that you can read by and that your brain and eyes can relax by - and that you can of course also switch off without getting out of bed. A combination of a ceiling lamp and a bed lamp is optimal.

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