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9 wonderful ideas: Inspiration for your New Year's table

The New Year's table calls for something special: extraordinary table decorations, beautiful decorations, the finest dinnerware, the most elegant champagne glasses. On New Year's Eve, it must have gas, glitter and glitter according to all the rules of art.

We have put together a guide for you who are looking for inspiration for the table setting and ideas for New Year's Eve. Most of the products you see in the pictures in this guide can be found in our webshop on this page.

The New Year's table: Beautiful table setting, New Year's decorations and decorations

Let loose with New Year's decorations for the table. It must be extravagant on the last night of the year. You can choose a theme: You can keep everything in one or two colors - e.g. gold and midnight blue. You can leave a shape throughout the New Year's table - you can e.g. let stars repeat in the pattern on the napkins, as decorations hung from lamps and ceilings or as confetti scattered over the New Year's table. The team can also be inspired by a film, by nature or something else entirely.

9 ideas for your New Year's Eve table setting

New Year's table inspiration

1. A New Year's table with silver, disco and glitter

Christmas is just over, and although you may need renewal and new tones after a few months with the smell of cinnamon in your nose and the sound of jingle bells in your ears, wait to pack away tinsel and silver garlands. They can easily be used as New Year's decorations on the table. Sprinkle small disco balls over the table or place one on each plate - they spread a festive glow when the candles are reflected in them.

New Year's table with gold

2. A New Year's table with gold

Decorate the table with gold. Again, you may have something in your Christmas box that can be used. In the picture here, we have placed a beautiful gilded flower on the plate: an elegant way to use gold in the table decoration if you are not into a lot of glitter.

new year gold decorations

3. Sweet gold bows as decorations on the New Year's table

Use these cute glitter bows in gold as a New Year's decoration. You can place them on top of the plates together with the place cards, or you can put them on the tablecloth - one bow on each corner of the table for a creative and different detail.

New Year's table gold decorationsgold table setting new year

4. More golden tones on the table for the New Year

Gold can also be included in your table settings such as plates and dishes. Our small brass plate works well both as a serving plate, snack bowl or as a stand for a block candle on the table.

gold decorations new year table settingsilver decorations table setting New Year's table

5. Invite nature inside as decoration for the table

Let nature be the theme and decorate with branches and dried flowers. To make it extra festive, you can choose to use the artificial kind in gold and silver.

gold fringe garland

6. More garlands with gold and glitter

We love the kitschy fringe garlands . You can hang them above the table, on the wall or choose the version here that hangs as a lamp decoration. Hang it over the table on the day or let it shine from a corner of the living room on the occasion of the New Year.

New Year's table stars candlesticks

7. Star theme on the table for the New Year

Use the star as a theme. The picture shows our candlesticks: Put candles on star bases - and feel free to cover up with more than just two candles. It is so beautiful when the table is covered with a whole bunch of candles in varying sizes. Let the theme be consistent and also let stars hang from the ceiling and lamps.

cloth napkin cloth napkins

8. Remember the napkins on the New Year's table

Napkins for the New Year's table are included. And on the most festive evening of the year, it should preferably be the luxury edition in fabric instead of the one-off paper version. Both you and your guests should feel special: Choose beautiful cloth napkins on this special day. They absorb far better than printed paper napkins and you can reuse them for other festive occasions. In our webshop you will find a large selection of napkins.

vintage champagne glass

9. Cover up with beautiful champagne glasses

New Year's equals champagne and bubbles in the glasses. Choose the most beautiful glasses for the table this evening. If you want your New Year's table to stand out from all the others, choose vintage champagne glasses and make your table setting particularly unique. At Dora, we always have a selection of hand-picked vintage glasses for champagne .

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