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Crow Canyon

Jug • Enamel • Splatter blue • 1.5L

Jug • Enamel • Splatter blue • 1.5L

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This jug in enamel is a big hit. It is so light in itself that it almost only weighs the liquid that is filled in. The nice 'splatter' pattern decorates the table well, and when the jug is so nice, it becomes a little easier to remember to drink water. We also use the jug for a flower bouquet - preferably of the wild kind - or you can use it for washing-up brushes or pot spoons.

Crow Canyon from California has been producing enamel since 1979. The enamel is made of two layers of porcelain that are laid as a surface on steel, resulting in a shiny and hard-wearing material. The enamel will not be damaged if you drop the jug, but there may be small chips that you just have to think are charming. The steel will oxidize, but the product will remain safe to use for food even with any rejects.

Colour: Splash Blue - creamy white with blue splashes

Material: Enamel

Size: It is Ø13 x H18 cm and can hold 1.5 L of liquid.

Washing instructions: It can be machine washed, but it loses its shine, so we recommend taking out the dishwashing brush.

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